What should you know about ozonation

What should you know about ozonation?


What should you know about ozonation? Recently, ozonation of objects has become a very popular solution. Thanks to this, it is possible to clean the air in a given room, as well as get rid of microorganisms. What exactly is ozonation of items? What should you know about ozone? For whom ozonation will be the optimal solution? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What is ozonation of items?

If we decided to define what is ozonation of objects, we could come to the conclusion that it is one of the methods of disinfection. Thanks to it, it is not necessary to use bactericides, which is a brilliant solution. The key substance in this case is ozone, which is a highly oxidizing gas. When is it worthwhile to ozonise items? First of all, for decontamination of quarantined apartments, due to the fact that it is able to effectively remove all dangerous microorganisms. Interestingly, ozonation of items can take place even in the car, which will effectively disinfect and properly fungus the air conditioning.

Ozone action – what is worth knowing?

As you know, the oxygen molecules that are essential for our life are made of two atoms. There are three atoms in the case of ozone, which is why it is a powerful oxidant, which you should know about. The fact that ozone has disinfecting properties was known relatively long ago, around the end of the 19th century. Ozone has so far been very popular and is the main element in fighting infections. Therefore, ozonation of objects is carried out in many medical areas, such as surgery, dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, and many others. In addition, ozone is able to perfectly cope with the disinfection of individual living rooms. This is a common solution also in the case of hospitals, theaters or casinos. Ozonation of items is very popular,thanks to which it is possible to disinfect furniture at home. Ozone is also used to disinfect public spaces. This solution is often used in the case of ticket machines, subway entrances, underground passages. Nowadays, ozonation of objects is also used due to the coronavirus.

Ozonation – who is it a good solution for?

Some people are surely wondering who should decide to ozonise objects. The answer in this case must be relatively extensive. It can certainly prove to be a beneficial solution for any medical facilities, production halls, offices, schools or hotels. Ozonation should also be considered by the owners of four-wheeled vehicles, as well as allergy sufferers who would like to get rid of unwanted allergens immediately. It is also worth thinking about when we want to eliminate microorganisms that can simply be found at home. Ozonation is an excellent solution that is worth considering.

How to choose an ozonator?

When we decide to choose an ozonator, we should pay attention to several important factors. First of all, let’s consider what we will ozone. Perhaps it will be ozonation of objects, surfaces or water – depending on this, a different ozonator will be useful. The next step is to determine the purpose of ozonation. Some would like to get rid of the smell, others would like to fumigate and refresh the room, and still others get rid of dangerous microorganisms. It is worth paying attention to the frequency of use. It has been known for a long time that some devices can work for several or several hours, while the cheaper ones only work for several minutes. In addition, the parameter related to the performance of the device is important. The best equipment is capable of producing thousands of milligrams of ozone per hour!

Safety is the basis, i.e. tips on how to ozone

Let’s start with the fact that in the case of objective ozonation, there should be no people, animals or plants in the house, due to the fact that ozone may be harmful. Before returning to the apartment, we should wait about 30 minutes for the particles to disintegrate. However, it is even worth extending this time to more than two hours to be sure that staying in such a room will be safe. It is important not to use the ozone generator in places that are smoky, e.g. from regular smoking. It can also be bad for our health. It is also worth taking into account that ozonation of objects may lead to the destruction of fabrics. If you want a given place to be as safe as possible, but you have doubts as to whether it is safe in a given case,then report to advanced specialists. The company is well aware of how to use generators, therefore they will cope with all problems.